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Shirt: Urban Outfiters {NLA, another great option here}/ Skirt: Lola {Sold Out, Found this one for under $15}/ Shoes: JCrew/ Clutch: Marc Jacobs for Target {Sold Out, I am craving this Clare Vivier folover/ Sunnies: Rayban/ Watch: Michael Kors/ Braclet: Juicy Couture/ Necklace: Urban Peach Boutique/ Lipstick: Bite Beaute {Tannin}
Photography: Greg Daniels

When I saw the trend, “ways to wear denim at the office,” featured all over style and fashion sites, I could not wait to try the trend myself. It is no secret that I am a huge fan of denim shirts, and will sport one any chance I get. I had a few appointments that were originally set to be held in an office setting. With the recent beautiful weather here in Dallas, we decided to move those appointments to a patio in Uptown. I thought it the perfect time to pair denim with a fun skirt, statement heels, and jewelry. I wanted to keep my hair off my face so decided to just braid the front part to the side and complete the look with a bold lip.
I felt comfortable, yet styled and put together. Sometimes those are just the essentials you need to make a great workday. I hope you all have an awesome Monday!









Skirt: Honey Punch ℅ Avery Lane Boutique {Sold out, but found an few here}/ Top: Nordstrom Rack {this TopShop option works too}/ Shoes: LAMB {Sold Out, loving this wedge option}/ Clutch: Kate Spade {NLA; Here are the ones currently available}/ Sunnies: Coach
Photography: Greg Daniels

Ever once in a while you discover one of those pieces you simply go nuts over, and if you are honest, you obsess to find it. That is exactly how I was about the Kate Spade, Great Gatsby, book clutch. I was a bit late in discovering this gem, so naturally, it was sold out everywhere. After weeks of searching, I discovered a precious woman that collects Kate’s book clutches, and she happened to have an extra Gatsby clutch she was selling. The little treasure arrived just in time for my birthday in January.
Since then I have been waiting to put the perfect outfit together, that I felt complemented this little treasure. When I think of Kate Spade, I think of all happy things. I think of life being a party, and handling the highs and lows of life with a bright smile, and a glass of bubbles.
I kept having this vision of pairing the book clutch with a big striped skirt. I almost wanted it to be a bit over the top. When I discovered this Honey Punch skirt, I knew I had found the one. I decided to be a bit daring and pair it with a simple crop top. I absolutely loved the way it turned out, and better yet, I loved the way I felt wearing the look.
In the middle of shooting we discovered the big black and white chess board. It was just perfect, and such a tribute to Kate Spade, who constantly reminds me to be happy, enjoy life, and be playful. Today, no matter where you are, be daring, be playful, enjoy life, and cherish tiny moments that matter. In the process you might gain little treasures your heart has been desiring.


Although the colors for spring are watercolor vibrant, and anything but neutral; Top designers from Carolina Herrera, BCBG, Proenza Schouler, Helmet Lang, and Oscar de la Renta opted for a natural nail on the runway. Candella and Helmet Lang showcased OPI Barre My Soul. For the Tadashi Shoji show, Makeup Artist and Manicurist, Katie Hughes layered Butter London’s Hen Party on top of Yummy Mummy, to create a fresh, modern twist on the natural nail {seen above}. I cannot get enough of her creation.
What natural nail trends are you currently loving? I’d love to hear all the ways you are nailing it {naturally of course}.


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Blouse: Zara/ Skirt: Forever 21 {Sold out, but love this ASOS option}/ Shoes: Naughty Monkey/ Sunnies: Burberry/ Clutch: Marc Jacobs for Target/ Necklace: Urban Peach Boutique/ Watch: Michael Kors/ Braclet: Juicy Courture/ Lipgloss: Bite Beaute {Current}
Photography: Greg Daniels

Now that Spring is here, there is something I love about delicate pieces paired together to create, what I call, a lovely outfit. There is something so feminine about them, and nothing screams pretty more than something pink or blush toned. The warm, Texas weather was romancing me in the best way, so I moved a few meetings to patio tables, shopped my closet for something pretty, and said hello to a lovely work day in paired delicates.
Happy Monday!

P.S. Here is just a bit of Monday Motivation for you. I don’t know what you have on your agenda today. If you are like me, Monday’s can seem a bit overwhelming for the Achiever in me. Might I encourage you, in the middle of the work, to look away, step away, grab some fresh air, or gain some perspective for just a moment. Sometimes the greatest ideas, the best refreshments, or captured moments occur when we simply turn or step away. As in the case below, when I simply stopped trying and looked away, Greg captured the moment. We both knew one of those moments that a photographer waits for was just seen by the lens. Step away, look away. It might be your moment as well.

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As a woman that has spent the last 15 years in the beauty, fashion, and entertainment industry, I found myself striving for perfection. When I started my blog a little over a year ago, I found myself trapped in that same concept of perfection. As MGL relaunches this Spring, I commit to helping you create a beautiful life, not a perfect one. Life is epically beautiful and epically messy, and that, my precious friends, is the essence of what MGL is all about. I hope you enjoy and are so encouraged!


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Jacket: Vintage Eva Chun {love these options on Polyvore}/ Shorts: Alexander Wang/ Tights: Hue/ Shoes: Michael Kors {Sold out, but love this option}/ Clutch: Marc Jacobs/ Sunnies: Coach/ Bracelets: JCrew/ Lipstick: OCC {Femme}
Photography: Greg Daniels

When I hop a plane to NYC, I’m usually beyond prepared. I have my packing down to a science and know exactly what I’m packing for what, with a bit of versatility. This last trip was super rushed and I was anything but prepared. I landed and had to sprint, and I do mean that in every since of it’s literal term, to dinner in Midtown. I got to the hotel to throw in dry shampoo, and change, all to discover I left my dinner outfit. This dinner was definitely, not the one to be unprepared for as I was meeting with a table full of collaboratives. I decided to pair tights with satin shorts and statement heels, and finished the look with this amazing Ana Chun jacket I found at a vintage store in Dallas.
I fluffed my locks, glossed my lips, and did the only thing I knew to do. Rock a thrown together outfit. Bright Pink is bold for NYC nightlife, so the look was definitely bold, especially considering the cheetah print heels. I got so many complements, and had so many people ask where I got the jacket. This pink panther is one of a kind. Sometimes the best outfits come from pieces we put together with little to no thought.
Happy Friday Everyone, and Cheers to a wonderful weekend!





Beanie: Target/ Jacket: Madewell/ T-shirt: JCrew/ Jeans: JBrand/ Pumps: Manolo Blahnik BB pump/ Bag:MarcJacobs {NLA, but loving this color option}/ Sunnies: Rayban
Brunch Location: Company Cafe

I woke up this morning fully expecting to take advantage of the term R&R. I have been so busy with travel, new opportunities, and a move {more on this to come}, that the idea of everything cozy in bed sounded glorious. I was about 15 minutes into dedicating the day to R&R, deep hydrating mask and all, when I heard my phone.
It was a text from two of my favorite guys on this planet. These two guys are the type of friends some people only dream of having. We laugh until it hurts, get so excited over great news in each others lives, aid when life is hard, dream big together, and want nothing more for each other than for us to freely be walking in our destiny. They were in town and wanted to do brunch!! I couldn’t text, “on my way” fast enough!! I literally had 5 minutes to throw myself together and get out the door.
With such little prep time, I decided to bypass the makeup routine, massage in the hydrating mask to fulfill the promise of therapy to my overly traveled, dehydrated face, and just be me.
Knowing I was headed for Brunch in Uptown, where the fashion is hot, and the comparison is ripe, I must admit I was a tad uncomfortable going so bare. I’m all about being comfortable in my own skin, but I’m also about being appropriate in how I carry myself.
I threw on all my favorite go to’s: JBrand boyfriends, JCrew Tee, my BB Pumps {that truly are as comfortable to me as a flat, if not more}, and my favorite, new classic leather, Madewell, jacket.
As much as I loved the outfit, I just didn’t feel complete. In an effort to keep the look casual and understated, I grabbed a beanie to finish the look, and just like that I was out the door to Brunch.
I hope you had an amazing Sunday, and I’d love to hear what accessories you use to complete your looks!


Dress/ Skirt/ Watch/ Heels/ Eyeshadow/ Polish/ Fragrance/ Clutch/ Sunnies/Necklace/Lipstick

When I saw this Panetone color trending at SS NYFW 14, last September, I was never more eager to incorporate a shade into my wardrobe. This perfectly combined shade of pink meets purple, known as Radiant Orchid, is so electrically happy. I cannot get enough of this shade. With yesterday being the first day of Spring, I thought it to be the perfect time to reveal my Radiant Orchid obsessions. Oh to get my feet into those Chelsea Paris “Esosa” sandals!?!? They are just so radiant!! Speaking of the word, I couldn’t help but look up the actual definition.

sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.
synonyms: shining, bright, illuminated, brilliant, gleaming, glowing, ablaze, luminous, luminescent, lustrous, incandescent, dazzling, shimmering, resplendent; More
antonyms: dark, dull
(of a person or their expression) clearly emanating great joy, love, or health.
synonyms: joyful, elated, thrilled, overjoyed, jubilant, rapturous, ecstatic, euphoric, in seventh heaven, on cloud nine, delighted, very happy; More
antonyms: gloomy
(of an emotion or quality) emanating powerfully from someone or something; very intense or conspicuous.
“he praised her radiant self-confidence”
(of heat) transmitted by radiation, rather than conduction or convection.
(of an appliance) designed to emit radiant energy, esp. for cooking or heating.
noun: radiant; plural noun: radiants
a point or object from which light or heat radiates, esp. a heating element in an electric or gas heater.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be radiant; not only in my Chelsea Paris sandals, have I mentioned them, but as a woman walking this earth. I want to be a bright light, filled with hope and love for those around me. A light that far outlasts the Panetone shade of the year. I can’t help but believe this quality to be what makes us all the more attractive. I find it so interesting that sandwiched between the adjective and noun of this beautiful word, is an example of the word used in a sentence, and that sentence happens to read, “he praised her radiant self-confidence.” Oh to be praised for self-confidence! Oh for it to be a quality that shines brightly!
As you strut the shade of the season, how do you plan to be radiant, and I’d love to hear what radiant orchid pieces you are currently loving.
Have a radiant day, and let your little light shine (orchid shade preferably)!


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Jeans: JBrand/ Blouse: Milk and Honey Boutique/ Heels: JCrew/ Bag: MARC by Marc Jacobs/ Sunnies: Burberry/ Bracelets: Jcrew/ Lip Tar: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics: Femme /
Photography: Greg Daniels

With the weather beginning to warm, I have found myself leaning towards paired neutrals. There is something about cream and light denim, I have always loved. Combining this feminine lace blouse with ripped jeans, and mirrored gold pumps felt so current and fresh. It made for a perfect outfit for grabbing nosh and drinks with my photographer as we waited for the rain to pass.
How are you freshening up your style in anticipation for Spring?


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Blazer: Vintage Dior {Designer here, Budget here}/ Sweater: JCrew {NLA, Love this option/ Pants: Budget find {designer here}/ Shoes: BCBG {NLA, great alternative}/ Clutch: Marc Jacobs for Neiman Marcus Sunnies: Coach Lipstick: Palomino by Bite Beaute
Photography: Greg Daniels

There is something I love about mixing textures and patterns. It is a daring fashion move, but when staying within the same color scheme with a bold statement color, the looks completes itself oh so nicely.
I found the Dior blazer (1990′s circa) at a vintage store here in Dallas several months back, and I’ve been dying to style it with something other than skinnies and heels.
I have always been a fan of the Derek Lam drop crotch pant (link above), but had been unable to find them. I settled for a Marshall’s knock off and paired them with the above sweater for my birthday dinner, and loved the dressy, casual combo.
Since NYFW is the place to strut your best street style, I could think of no better event to pair my classic blazer and comfy sweats. I completed the look with tried and true nude pumps and rocked a bold lip. It has become one of my favorite go to outfits. depending on the occasion I might change the sweater out for a great T, or denim button down, and ankle booties.
No matter what obstacles you might be facing today, do something bold. I dare you!